Trailer: Caressed
Mixed Media Video Installation by Niki Lopez

Trailer – CARESSED – video installation by Niki Lopez from Niki Lopez

This is a trailer of the art video installation.  For inquires on bringing the the full installation of Caressed & #whatsyourelephant discussions to your gallery or organization: contact us.

Mixed Media Video Installation
Niki Lopez

A self portrait, mixed-media video installation combining performance art and a poem I wrote about a traumatic childhood memory.  This intimate piece is the second installation in my elephant series and connected the project ‘What’s Your Elephant’ – Creative Conversations about the Unknown.

The intentions behind this work is to not only share a personal elephant but to have discussions surrounding unspoken topics such as abuse, survivors of abuse, awareness, the power of a ‘share’ and how the arts can be used to heal, to empower and to educate.

“It’s about acknowledging the elephant and owning it, so that it doesn’t define you.”  

– Niki Lopez

My intentions for #whatsyourelephant is to create a safe space where can share & bring awareness.  If sharing my elephants empowers even one persons to consider their choices & its impact, speak up when they see an injustice or be a voice for the many who are still living in fear & denial- my job is done.


Caressed is a video installation projected that debuted during the opening of the third “What’s Your Elephant’ art exhibit at the 1310 Gallery – Sailboat Bend Artists Lofts

Special thanks to: Tabatha Mudra & Jacqueline Romano in assisting the creation of this video

‘What’s Your Elephant’ uses a combination of art exhibits, interactive installations and workshops. Using interactive arts to provoke awareness and facilitate discussions unveiling unaddressed topics.

WYE Workshops are facilitated by Niki Lopez & Alana DaCosta, to read more: 

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